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  • Our Expertise

    Our Expertise

    Of all the educational services we provide, we are perhaps most passionate about our US service. The quality of a university education in the US can be outstanding and is coveted by the rest of the rest of world. We are extremely proud of our role in helping talented students navigate the...

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  • What is involved?

    What is involved?

    Applying to US universities requires a far more significant investment of time, thought, money and energy than applying elsewhere. It is highly advisable to start the process early – quite simply, a great deal is involved. Academic Record For the most sought after universities, your child will be...

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  • Our Services

    Our Services

    Our services, which can be used individually or as part of a package, include: application management; college selection; college visits; SAT & ACT Tuition; Writing, Essay & Art Support; Mentoring for US college applications.

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