Kate Korotaeva | Educational Consultant/Relationship Manager

Kate gained her BA degree with Honours from Mount Holyoke College; studying the liberal arts, she focused in International Relations and French. During her third year, Kate went to study Art and its markets at King’s College London and Sotheby’s Institute of Art in order to complete the requirements towards her self-designed minor in Business in the Art Industry.

During her studies in Mount Holyoke, Kate was chosen for the Fulbright Internship in Brussels, Belgium where she was responsible for higher education advice and assistance for Belgian, Luxembourgish and US citizens, as well as for the Fulbright Schuman Programme, which covers the citizens from all over the EU.

Being an international student herself, she has valuable perspectives on the U.S. application and visa processes. Her expertise in languages (French, Russian, English) meant she was Mount Holyoke’s Language Assistant for four years, teaching two levels of a language class and tutoring individual students. Her role here is to liaise with clients, families and schools as well as advise and assist students with their applications.