Daniel De Witt | Managing Director

Educated at Harvard and UCL, Daniel entered education through the prestigious Teach First programme in 2011. As a teacher, he was consistently rated ‘outstanding’ by OFSTED and by the Institute of Education. As one parent put it, “it is constantly astonishing to me, even after four children and several different types of school, what an extraordinary difference an individual teacher can make, and what a lottery that is”.


Daniel worked as Head of Faculty for one of London’s top non-selective schools and founded an information service on Higher Education for students. Since, he has fully committed his time to university education and is specialized in helping students understand and bridge the gaps between the UK and the US Higher Education systems.

Daniel received a starred First Class Honours degree in French Studies and International Relations from UCL in 2007. He was awarded Top Arts Faculty student and nominated for the Gapper Literary Prize during his university career. He was also awarded the Violet Hall Literary Prize for his work on Godard’s ‘Histoire du cinéma’. More recently, Daniel set up Global Club in 2013 and pioneered the first wave of a shift towards global competency in UK schools’ national curricula. He specialises in the admissions process for the US.